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Visa agents can sometimes scam people by charging excessive fees, providing false information, or promising to expedite the visa process in exchange for additional fees. These scams can take advantage of people who are not familiar with the visa application process and are willing to pay extra fees to ensure that their application is processed quickly and successfully. 
It’s important for visa applicants to be well-informed about the visa application process and the standard fees for the type of visa they are applying for.

Providing False and Misleading Information based on assumptions which doesn’t even exist or mentioned by immigration or visa authorities.
🚫 ‘DONE BASE SERVICE’ is the most common way. Where immigration grant a visa on person’s profile but agent ask millions in return. This leads to serious consequences including financial losses and delayed or denied visa applications.
🚫 Promising to Expedite the Visa process in exchange for additional fees whereas standard processing time is already mentioned by concerned immigration on their platforms.
🚫 Providing Fake, Forged and Unverifiable Documents to increase the chances of a visa being approved which leads to serious consequences like deception and ban on applicant.
🚫 Bounding Original Documents like passports, or Other personal documents of an applicant in name of done base visa. No travel agent has an authority to bound on confiscate any personal documents of any applicant.
🚫 Hiding the Refusal Letters and Reasons from the applicant to keep them in dark from the real reason of visa rejections.
🚫 Over Commitment for fast processing and visa grant for which they charge extra money and then fail to provide the promised services.
🚫 Over Charging or Extra Fees that are above and beyond the standard fees set by the government or visa-issuing authority in the name of services that are not necessary or are already included in the standard visa application process. The government and immigration authorities have implemented strict rules and regulations to prevent this practice, and they may take action against agents who engage in overcharging.

We strive to offer high level of visa transparency that is available to the public about visa processes and requirements. This includes information about how to apply for a visa, what documents are required, how long the process takes, and what the fees are.
Our visa transparency also includes information about the criteria used to approve or deny visa applications and the rights of visa applicants. Our goal of visa transparency is to make the visa process more open and fairer, and to reduce the administrative burden on applicants.

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