PLAB Pathway: Your Journey to the UK

Start your UK medical career journey with our comprehensive campaign! From PLAB 1 and OET preparation to seamless GMC registration support, and securing your 6-month UK Visitor Visa for PLAB 2, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

All applicants in Pakistan must have a minimum MBBS degree and have completed 1 year of House Job to be eligible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is a leading digital platform available in Pakistan. It allows candidates access to PLAB Part 1 preparation materials using a username and password. Within the LMS, users can find over 3500 real scenario-based questions with answers and detailed explanations. The LMS is compatible with phones, laptops, and tablets, requiring only an internet connection to begin studying. Furthermore, users can access official OET training videos and receive an OET 4 Book for comprehensive preparation for the OET exam. Prepare confidently with our expert resources

LMS training is highly recommended, especially for medical exams that are computer-based. By utilizing our LMS, applicants become familiar with the computer-based testing system, simulating the exact environment they will encounter on exam day. Our platform provides a genuine representation of the computer testing system, ensuring candidates are well-prepared and confident during the actual examination.

Our preparation course covers all 23 topics of PLAB Part 1. All questions are real exam scenario-based questions with detailed answers provided. In addition to questions, we offer 7 mock exams designed to simulate the real exam day experience.

Comprehensive Coverage

Blood & Lymph



Child Health


Ear, Nose & Throat


Ethical & Professional




Infectious Disease

Mental Health



Older Adults





Seriously Ill Patients




“Please note that in addition to our mentioned fees, the following fees are involved:

  • OET Exam Fee: $455 USD
  • PLAB Part 1 Fees: £255 GBP
  • EPIC Degree Verification: $100 USD per credential
  • UK Visit Visa (6 months): £115 GBP

We ensure a transparent process for applicants and transparency of fees. We advise clients to directly pay these fees, and we guide all applicants on the payment process. However, for those unable to make direct payments, they can request us to pay on their behalf. We will invoice the exact amount in PKR according to the exchange rate, and the applicant can then reimburse us.”

Overveiw of PLAB Prepration Content